the wind shook the kiss from your mouth
before i could learn whose twin i was
your face familiar like a light in the water
just your touch could cure my lonesome blood
you let go of everything you had
and everything got left here
waiting for what comes next
the state of things is tied to me
and i've been careless i think too much
i want to lie still near you i want to
the wind shook the kiss from your mouth
before i could learn whose twin i was



into their cheering hands
and the faces of his friends
no blood turned so bitter
and skulls stayed simple
every body in its place
strange you should want it the same
breakers in my lungs
the graceless years are gone



where is the chorus in the airwaves
i sit with crystals at my side
no one can offer up an answer
and years are passing by
i saw the look of lands changing
and i feel you are the one who's moving beneath me
are there riders coming through the dark
there is no more communication
i'm building lovers in our bed
i feel no real danger 
i'm filled with desire
the back of my head split wide open
i saw the look of lands changing
are there riders coming through the dark



i watched you as you slept
red arrows fell around us
and before the sea came in
i knew you were the one
we are turning 
in the circle of the sun
we are falling
into our new forms
i feel light i feel sent
catch me racing across the skyline



with a mouth full of fresh flowers
you woke up the neighbors
no one could have told you
your body would fail you
silent as the star 
it broke you like a song
i heard the party's here
have i only come to
watch through your window
float up through the ceiling
softly escaping
drag you to the ground
you stood there alone
i heard the party's here



i've been building black ships
in the arms of a man i'd forgotten
he rings the bell he's holding
he's ringing in the changes
only we are left
maybe it's our january heads
if only we could cast off all our limbs
then we would learn to start again
apart from every thing we once knew
you as if you could be
dancing like a tiger
a tiger with such timing
and me a flower in frenzy
hour after hour 
i saw you build the ships
and tangle them in branches
but i can't feel my hands anymore
i've been building black ships
and all that i've seen i've forgotten
the heart's curtain lifts 
the metal shakes itself
where are you now



i can feel the distance set in
the slow lights of your eyes
my head against your chest
as the dust shot up so bright
palms to the ground
in search of something else
the horses in my heart are chained
i can hear your charms
i can see them shining
in violet veils turned down
i watched this world stream out
my love was golden throated
a child with the sea inside him
then dawn came and turned him silent
until the spring sets in
until we can begin
and i had dreamed some
that all our acts had 
come undone



the cells of this body
have all lost their memory
confused by each other
to work out of order
and i hate that they require
the need to be together
how could they go wrong
this terrible anatomy 
will surely get the best of me
maybe they'd grow in someone else
we head back to your place
it's not such a nice place
i'm still a little nervous
i thought that you would notice
and i hate that this requires
for us to be together
maybe i was wrong
a simple little strategy
to get rid of all that's wrong with me
maybe they'd grow in someone else
watch as they grow in someone else



against the garden gates 
and your gaze becomes clairvoyant
doves lift you give your last
we're in wavelengths for an evening
i'm breaking up slowly
see my face under electric light
and hold me there in silver thread 
lately i've been leaving
no one has what they wanted


All lyrics from the album Breakers, Hardly Art 2011.

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