First Weeks

through losing eyes 
a perfect unconcern
morning breaks in another day
and everything returns

two parallel doves 
with hearts holding out
it’s not enough

how to remove my last touch
gently from his wrist
or wait and kiss the iron from 
each other’s hair

your last interest laid its weight against
your tired boxer’s back 
it’s left chains

dancing on the furniture i had you then
too late to let your arms surround
could hardly begin



i watched when you move
how the whole world moves
in my fantasies with you 
we’re walking hand in hand 
we turn to face each other when
we join our empty heads

i’m too cautious man
i’m too cautious love
i’ve got a fragile hand 
i’m too tired now
for your warmth to ever warm

but i can see it in your eyes
it’s in your back your chest
that same ocean rise
that same color black
i can feel it



dove colored in your dress
and they’re bringing in the bells
all you wanted you could’ve had
partly paralyzed and part of you is dancing
poured your skull out on that wall for years
run up the ones you thought that you could love
it’s the same chewed up scene
we’ve been turning in

i have been so unkind
you always needed so much

i have no more to give
slowly circles have come to close

how to lose these shuttered hearts
turn out the guests 
tend to you now

at every instant i saw you then
so clearly for the first time


Idea for Strings

i feel the pull forces
of your spiraling and your salted kiss
and i’m chained to the strength of your wave
move in towards the center space
i will follow where you go

in the wake of all these tears
there will be no one 
to pull you out

it breaks and forms us 
i had you singing through my blood 
you were not concerned
want to feel so narrow be the one you need
but it’s bringing me down


Soft Season

muscle shakes up against the wall
white waves in his mouth
he twists into a snake
he has all the time that he needs 
and the eyes in the place
for as long as it lasts
i’m a boy on my back
and i’m more of a man

might try to hurt me
might try to love me too much

all the men dance like diamonds
in the back room beauties 
will compare their flowers
and he pulls on the mattress
i am soft for the season
i look up and you’re leaving
and i’m out in the hallway
where i work on my bloodline


Speech of Foxes

flat out on your stomach
an ugly dog trap
in arctic silence
it’s me and my carpenters heart 
hunt for days
speech of foxes
in an ordinary garden
where has your body been
please come on let the salt water give 
and I see it
in the strange nights you’ve bared
with a lasting eye
fall in 
to the weight of the ship
and the rush coming in
please come on let the salt water give



eyes cast into the night
searching for someone
you needn’t stay so long
there’s time enough for us
to fall into a dream

no hands covering our kiss
everything is heaven
the surface never stops
the sky was all lit up
a thousand rays shot out
to carry him my love

there’s a sound 
of years
all love 
all hope
and a look 
through your tears
i lost my hold
say to me 
i’m yours 


Marathon (In Roses)

no feeling force it
i don’t want the night
without your eyes
the teeth in your skull
they tear me up 
don’t show that cool flesh
to me yet

a tear falls 
a ray lights the air
i’m in roses
all that I want is to remain
bear both your wrists 
but I can’t raise my head
it seems a love song

i’ve been wild and here forever 
you said deepen yourself further
i have been careless with this love 



we were lost 
i felt us 
drifting from our nature
towards that place 
half nothing

i see you letting go 

polly i need you now that you’re gone


All lyrics from the album In Roses, Hardly Art 2014.

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